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Design. Produce. Deliver!

At XWORX we serve all companies from start-ups, mid-size to Fortune 50’s. If you want to produce a new product, develop new packaging or reduce cost on an existing program, we are the partner you have been looking for.

XWORX with its vast global supply partners, can drive costs reductions on an existing program, set up and qualify duplicate venders or take on the design of a new program and carry it from “Concept to shelf.” XWORX is your single source solution.

Whether it be product development or packaging development, your first hurdle is finding the most creative, cost effective, and speed-to-market turnkey solution to ensure the success of your launch. This is time consuming, and time is money. XWORX is your expert at global sourcing, cost reduction and manufacturing management from concept to shelf.

With 25 years of experience in all raw materials, our mission is clear: to help any company grow and produce top quality products, to serve and delight our customers with the best service in the Industry.

“If you don’t measure it, you won’t control it.”

> Got a product or packaging issue you need to solve?

Call or email us to discuss your next project and let us exceed your expectations so you don’t waste another minute jumping down another manufacturing and fulfillment rabbit hole.

> Design

Our in-house team consists of world class designers who are product, packaging, and retail experts. Whether you require 3-D prototype renderings, working sample prototypes, award- winning package designs, or even a brand for your invention, we’ve got you covered. Every step of the design phase is monitored with precise detail, from concept, design, prototype, to execution — you are involved at every stage. There are no surprises when it rolls off the factory floor and onto the shelves. We are design and manufacturing partners for every stage and iteration of your product launch.


> Production

XWORX has cultivated powerful relationships with local and global manufacturing partners that can handle any job. Matching your product with the perfect production team is just part of the XWORX prowess. Elevating product accuracy, quality, and design, paired with efficient yet realistic turnaround times, means higher profit margins, and consumer trust, which allows your business to scale.


> Management Cost Reduction Programs

XWORX provides a simplified and streamlined sourcing experience helping you through every step, from design, to manufacturing, to distribution. XWORX cost reduction programs will address every vender position. With over 25 years of experience, XWORX will manage every aspect of your project with an ordered plan and roadmap, and on schedule deliverable. Getting to market on time with product and packaging that look good, perform well, and delivered on time, wins the day. Customers wait for no one, and now they don’t have to, when you work with XWORX.

“Providing the highest level of service to our clients for any request.”


  • Sewn Goods
  • Electronics
  • Plastics
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Custom and Multiple Materials
  • Medical Class II


  • SBS boxes: from standard cartons to intricate, custom design
  • Paper printed boxes for retail or heavy industry
  • Rigid boxes, hard shell or rigid paper boxes, custom
  • Thermo form, plastic trays, clamshells, plastic foldable packaging
  • Blister: paper and plastic combinations
  • Tins: custom or stock metals tins (CR available)
  • Bags/flexible, flexible packaging done in USA or overseas
  • Plastic tubes, primary product containers, tubs, tubes any style color
  • Displays: permanent or semi-permanent, POP, floor standing (any retailer)
  • Master cartons: brown box to full color master
  • Custom anything and including product
  • Stock boxes and all items
  • Shipping materials: shrink film, bubble, EPS, etc.

New and Emerging Industries

  • Child Resistant Packaging
  • Flexible Pouches
  • Bottles
  • Glass
  • Rigid Set-up Boxes
  • Custom Anything

Proficient on cannabis related legal and regulations from State to State.

Quality is what we do